Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fabulous Fall Felt Ruffle Wreath tutorial

Here's what I've learned about mustard-colored felt: it's very polarizing. Since making my fall wreath, the responses I've received have either been overwhelmingly positive or an expression of deep disdain for this color. It makes me happy, so it's the right choice for me. Whether you are for or against gold felt, here are the steps to make your own ruffle wreath in any color or fabric that you love.  The inspiration and basic construction came from the Ruffle Wreath from the amazing Jones Design Company, with some of my own modifications. So let's jump into the tutorial!

Supply List:
  • straw wreath ( mine is a 14 inch from Hobby Lobby - $3.50)
  • sewing needle
  • clear thread
  • straight pins
  • glue gun
Fabrics needed:

1 yard of felt or burlap
1/8 yard upholstery/ home decor weight fabric for a wreath hanger
felt scraps for embellishments
1/8 yd chiffon for embellishments
1 doily (via JoAnn's) totally optional

Carefully measure and cut your yard of felt into 4-inch-wide strips, so that you have nine strips.

Use three strips of felt  to cover your straw wreath. DO NOT take the plastic off your straw wreath, you'll just make a mess. Wrap the felt around the wreath at an angle and hot glue to your plastic-wrapped wreath.

Add your wreath hanger fabric strip now.  Bring it around the wreath and hot glue the ends together.
Use your needle and clear thread to ruffle your remaining six felt strips.  Just sew a simple basting stitch at the bottom of a strip (about 1/4 inch from the edge of the fabric), then pull on the thread and push the fabric down to ruffle it.  When you are satisfied with the length of your ruffle, trim and tie off your thread.  Do not worry in the least about straight even stitches, just sew.
Use three of your ruffled strips to make your first layer. 

Arrange the the three strips around your wreath and pin them in place with straight pins. be sure to blend the edges by overlapping your strips.

Use your remaining three ruffle strips to make the second layer. Lay the ruffles on top of the first layer and pin them a little closer to the center.  

When both layers are pinned in place and you are happy with the placement, leave the pins in and put hot glue underneath the ruffles in many spots to secure it to the wreath base.

When the glue dries, remove the pins.

Truly, you could be finished with this step. The ruffles and the bold color are fabulous enough.  However, I never could leave well enough alone.  So I added a few embellishments.  You can read how to make them here.

I did cut a small slit in the back of my wreath hanging strip.

Here's why...

I don't know if this is a widely-accepted method of wreath hanging, but it worked for me.

Felt by the yard is 40% off at JoAnn's for a few more days if you need to stock up.

Happy Fall, friend!


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOOOOOOVE it! Okay, I'm totally sold. I am making one. Like...NOW. You are a genius. GENIUS, I say! Thanks for the awesome tutorial! P.S. We need to make you a grab button so I (and everyone else who adores your blog) can put it on our blogs! :)

  2. THis is awesome!! Love the colors you chose

  3. Hi-I'm your newest follower-love the felt wreath-warm and cozy looking-stop by for a visit!

  4. I've never worked with felt, but this is just beautiful! Doesn't look too difficult, either. Thanks for such a great tutorial!

  5. Very pretty. I love the gold color! Visiting from TT&J.

  6. Oh my stinkin' cute! Love the layered ruffle look! Could be fun with coordinating fabrics too :) Thanks for a great tutorial- hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Absolutely adorable!! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  8. Your wreath = FANTASTIC!! I love the color and the ruffles!! It's so easy too!!

  9. SO cute! I love this idea, its so unique.

  10. Wow! This wreath turned out beautiful!! Love it!
    I would love it if you shared this at {nifty thrifty sunday}!
    Hope to see you there!
    Vanessa @ {nifty thrifty things}

  11. Two of my friends and I made these yesterday and they turned out SOOOOO cute!!! We LOVE them! We did find that we didn't need as much felt as you indicated, but we're thinking our felt may have been longer or something. Either way, they are adorable and thank you so much for the tutorial!!

  12. Where on earth did you get the amazing welcome decal? I love it!

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  14. love this wreath, I have to make one and I love bold colors