Monday, August 15, 2011

Craft Party/ Super Saturday Ideas

I adore a good craft party!  Getting together with friends and family to share creativity and good conversation is among my all-time favorite activities. Do you like craft parties too? I wish I could get together with all of my creative blogging buddies and get crazy with some DIY projects- wouldn't that be the coolest? I loved reading about a craft party that Jessica of the blog, Living the Swell Life, hosted for her friends. She had some great ideas for her Christmas Crafternoon. Since I am in the process of planning a BIG crafting party, I thought I would share a few tips as well as my Pinterest board where I've been collecting ideas for craft projects.

Like I said, this craft parry is BIG. Every Fall, the women from our church get together for Super Saturday.  It is a Saturday devoted to fun, food, creativity and service.  We're planning on 60-75 party-goers.  Participants pre-register for their choice of a variety of craft projects and pay for the supplies. Our committee gathers the supplies and then we get together to visit, eat and get crazy with the glue gun.  We also work on a service project like making blankets, quilts, baby clothing and other items for various charities.  I am on the committee that organizes Super Saturday, so I have been scouring the Internet for inspirations and craft projects that would be a good fit for our event and pinning those ideas to my Super Saturday pin board (feel free to take a look).

We look for projects that are:

Crowd pleasers- We look for a variety of different projects that appeal to a large number of people.

Inexpensive- We want everyone to participate, regardless of their budget so the projects range in scale and cost.  We're making sure to offer some projects under $10 and some under $5 (thank goodness for fellow bloggers with all of their budget-friendly ideas).

Relatively simple- Since we all have different interests and skills, we look for projects that are relatively simple, so that everyone can participate.  We also look for projects that can be completed quickly.  Most women want to complete more than one project and it's great if they can do it all before the party ends.

Have you ever planned a craft party? If you have any great ideas for projects appropriate for craft parties, or tips for party planning, I would love to hear them.  Here are a few of my favorite inspirations from my Pinterest Board.


  1. Love these ideas! I want to come to your super saturday!

  2. What an awesome idea!! I've never been to a craft party! Now I want to though!! Love all your found inspirations!!

  3. Do you still have the directions for these projects. The links aren't working anymore :(

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