Monday, January 30, 2012

The best paper organization solution + pretty organizing tools

(folders from

Paper clutter is one of the banes  of my existence.  I try endlessly to stay on top of it, but at the end of the day, it always seems to be on top of me.  Receipts, statements, preschool masterpieces, medical bills, coupons (that I never use)- if it's paper, it's currently taking over my countertop. This never happens to you, right?

My favorite professional organizer, Kelly Pratt, talked about a great system for managing paper clutter, on my favorite local TV show, Studio 5. She always has a logical approach to organizing and she thinks of everything.

To follow her approach to organizing paper, you need three containers: 
  1. An inbox
  2. A desktop file or easily accessible filing cabinet
  3. A  container for reading materials 
I'll put a link to the t.v. segment that details her paper organizing system, at the end of this post. She has inspired me and I am on a mission for three pretty containers to help me tackle the paper clutter, Kelly Pratt style. Here are a few organizing tools that have caught my eye.

First on the list, an in box. This industrial-looking basket from See Jane Work is pretty great.

This desktop file from The Container Store seems like a practical and pretty solution.  It's metal, meaning it will last and be easy to clean (and re-paint if my hankering to spray paint takes over)

The desktop file is part of the Brocade office collection.  

 You can choose any of these colored hanging files to go inside

My hat is off to my husband who suggested I check etsy for file containers.  I really didn't think that would be a product one would find on etsy, but find one I did and it's really cool- but don't tell him that.
This is a vintage file box: The Dandy File- sadly it's already sold, but isn't it cool? It' so compact and unique- what's not to love?

This simple, colorful file box from See Jane Work comes in a variety of colors and would certainly get the job done.

These patterned magazine files from Ikea would be a good solution for a reading material bin and the matching boxes might work as a desk top file.

 There are so many pretty folders available to fill those filing containers.

  I love the stripes from See Jane Work

Paper Source has some great vintage-inspired folders

 Vera Bradley folders offer loads of color and pattern.

Do you have any sources for great organizing tools?

You can visit the Studio 5 website to read Kelly Pratt's article or watch the video by clicking here. I promise it's worth a few minutes of your time.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Simple Organziation for Ribbon

My name is Tatum and I have a ribbon addiction.  I have more rolls of ribbon than I care to count. It is somewhat shameful because I can't imagine that I will ever use them all. Maybe you can relate?

 Lately I've been trying to organize my craft supplies.  Since the giant tangled ball of ribbon hasn't proved to be the most effective means of storage, I've been looking for other solutions.  Thanks to Pinterest, I have my bolts of ribbon hanging from dowel rods on pegboard, much like this (only not nearly so pretty)

(image via Pinterest)

I have loads of ribbon scraps that have for unexplained reasons been separated from their bolts.  I have been trying to find a simple solution for loose ribbon. While I found a few good ideas on Pinterest, they were all a bit complicated and time-consuimg. I wanted a fast and immediate solution.  I shopped my house and decided that clothespins would do the trick.

Pinch one end of the ribbon with the clothespin and wrap the ribbon around the pin and carefully tuck the remaining end in the clothespin opening.  It works best with small scraps.  If you have 3 yards of wide grosgrain it probably won't fit on a clothes pin, but this worked for my scraps. I suggest storing them in a clear container so that you can easily see what you are looking for.  Have you found any other ways to store ribbon?  Please share if you have!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Calendar Inspiration for 2012

(image from Yumalum)

Happy 2012!  {I've got to get used to saying and writing that}.  I know most of you are on the ball and probably already have a 2012 calendar, but I am running a bit behind, so I today I'm sharing some 2012 calendar inspiration in case you:
a. Are lumped into that happy group of procrastinators along with me ( go us!)
b. Decide that the eye candy is too delicious to pass up and you need more than one calendar

The first one is possibly my favorite- I am a sucker for florals and these are so pretty!  Oh, and friend, it just gets better, this calendar is FREE!  This is a free download from a blog I adore- Skip to My Lou.  Visit Skip to My Lou for details on how to snag this prettiness.

Etsy has a wide array of pretty options for calendars.  Some are traditional, printed and shipped to you, some are big poster style calendars, while some are files you simply download and print yourself.

This modern calendar poster would be a great way to brighten up  a dull office/cubicle or a craft room.  It is from the Etsy shop, Yumalum, which I adore, with so many great color-soaked prints and posters.

 This beauty serves double duty as a calendar and the most amazing wall art.  It's a printable calendar from Lisa Martino Design on Etsy and a complete and total steal for only $10!  Do you love how they've framed it and made such an amazing display?!

This crisp, cheerful printable calendar is perfect for small spaces and only $5 to download from

For the DIY aficionados and digital scrapbookers, here is a fun photo calendar template from ScrapGirls.  
You can customize colors and patterns and of course, photos. They call it a blend, because you drop your photo onto their template and in blends with the background.  It is only $9.99 to download and you can print it in two different sizes.

Cliched as it may be, I just ordered a photo calendar from Snapfish, though you can bet your sweet bippy, I'll be acquiring a few more of the lovelies in this post.  The photo calendar art work is certainly not as amazing as the others mentioned above,  BUT my photo calendar does feature two of my favorite things to look at: my wild and cunning children. Truthfully, the photo calendar is the closest thing I've done to a scrap book for the past few years and the whole family loves it. In addition to the main photos, you can customize it with photos and text on special days such as birthdays and anniversaries. Snapfish has many calendar sizes, layouts and backgrounds to choose from and you can mix and match designs to your heart's content.  PLUS calendars are 50% off through January 6!  Some of my favorite calendar design styles available from Snapfish are Japanese Flower Garden, Damask and Wild Things.