Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Flowers made from tights

At our house, the life span of a pair of tights is tragically short. I am sure many people can relate to that frustration of snagging a brand new pair of nylons, but now you can put your trashed tights to good use!

Here is my tutorial on making fabric flowers out of hosiery.  As a disclaimer, you should know this is not my idea, I saw something similar on one of my favorite lifestyle shows, but this is my version, so here we go.

1. Cut off tights at the upper thigh, at the point where they are reinforced.

2. Snip off the toe, leaving yourself with a tube.

3. This is the Choose Your Own Adventure part. You have to decide how many layers of material you want. If you are using nylons or very thin tights, you'll probably want two layers, but for thick or textured tights, you generally only need one layer.

Since I am using a very thin pair of nylons, I need two layers. So I fold the tube in half length-wise ( if you are only working with one layer, just lay it flat).

4. Regardless of the number of layers you've made, this step is the same. Make sure all layers are stacked on top of each other evenly and then, using the longest stitch on your sewing machine, simply sew down the middle (don't reverse stitch).

5. If you folded your fabric, cut the folded edge open so that that all of your edges are loose.

6. Take one of the threads at the end of the tights and pull gently (if you pull too hard, the thread will snap and you will have to sew it again).

This is a tedious process so gently slide the fabric down each time your thread feels too tight.

7. Once your material is all bunched up, you will look at it and think, "Hmmm...this is too short to work with." Just slide it outward and adjust it on the thread to the width you want and then snip any trailing threads.

8. Twist one end inward in a spiral to make the center of the flower.

9. Hot glue it together as you wrap the fabric around it's self.

10. Glue a piece of felt to the back of the flower.

11. Now you can attach a pin, or an alligator clip or just glue or sew it directly onto your craft ( I attached pins to mine).

It's so simple and pretty, you'll want to snag all of your tights!

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  1. If I only had a machine! I will have to save all my snagged nylons till I get near a sewing machine.

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  2. Love, love, love this! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to try it. I was looking for fresh ideas on flower making, and yours is perfect! Found your through Feature Yourself Friday.

  3. Tatum, thanks for bringing this great tutorial to the party!

  4. love your flowers! the combination of the colors is really good and o also love the fabrics you used! :-)


    I get a run in my stocking practically every time I wear them and always get so mad! Now I won't be so angry because I know I can make something pretty with them!!

  6. Super wonderful! :) Thanks for sharing. I'm a new follower.


  7. This is such a wonderful idea....I'll be trying it soon!!!! Thanks!

  8. Why didn't I think of that?!!!Thankyou for the inspiration!

  9. GENIUS! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. These are amazing! What a brilliant post. I'm going to have to do this instead of throwing my hoseiery away once they get a runner.

  11. I love it! I so need to copy:)

  12. SUPER CUTE! I'm gonna try it. I have a new grand-princess arriving next month. These will be adorable on the baby headbands. Thanks for sharing your tricks!

  13. It almost makes me want to go and buy tights, put holes in them on PURPOSE and then make then into something great like this!

  14. That is such a great idea! I can't tell you how fast 3 girls in this house go through tights:) Thanks for the easy tutorial. Awesome!! Saw you on backyard eden!

  15. omg this is brilliant, upcycle at it's best..
    would luv for you to add it to our linking party this week.

  16. I just found your blog and am your newest follower. This idea is fabulous! I have tons of white tights that I will never I have a project with them!!!

  17. Love this idea!! Your flowers look great! :)

  18. Awesome! Thanks for the great idea! Would you mind if I featured this on my blog?

  19. very cute and easy project...would love for you to share this on fridays unfolded tomorrow at my following!


    stuff and nonsense

  20. Cute! I have so many tights with holes I need to do something with! I'd love for you to submit this to the M&T Spotlight at

  21. Too cool! I love this idea. I only wish I had a little girl. Maybe my boys would like to try ballet.

  22. very cute. I was struggling with finding an idea... I even tried those twisted flowers but it was not right for me, then bracelets and noo. I will definitely give this a try.

  23. I love it! I have three girls constantly ruining it won't be such a bother! :)

  24. I really love this. It would be an honor to feature this on my blog, Thank you so much!

  25. Stopping by from Ucreate ...
    LOVE this idea! Those flowers rock--can't wait to try this. Thank you!

  26. Saw you on Ucreate :)...I'm now following your fantabulous blog. I'll be featuring this tutorial on my Sunday Stalker edition tomorrow. Please stop by, check it out, and grab a button.


  27. what a great idea to use torn kids tights to good use for school hair bows!

  28. I LOVE this. Will be making some to wear when I host my upcoming Queen Bee Market. Awesome!

  29. Turned out great! Everyone with little girls should use this tutorial.

  30. This is such a cute idea! I can't wait till my tights get ripped!


  31. What an awesome idea! I can't wait to use all of my daughters not so pretty tights :)

  32. I would love to share a photo of this with a link back to your post as part of a weekly series I do called fab five. Email me at and let me know if that would be ok.

  33. i love this idea.i have a bunch of tights from my dance years that i can never use again and i've started making these and i love how they are turning out.

  34. Made one of these tonight. Once I got the right "scrunching", it was super easy! I'm thinking Christmas hair accessories for my nieces :)

  35. Such a great idea! We go through tights like crazy around here too!

  36. Gee, now I wish I saved all those gizillion tights I've thrown away! Great tutorial.

  37. So easy but I would have never thought of it...Cant wait to try it! Thank you so much for sharing, in 4 months I'm going to be a great grandma and I have on over abundance of panty hose.

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  88. เป็นแบรนด์รวมค่ายเกมส์สล็อต betflixauto ชั้นนำของทั่วประเทศมารวมกัน พร้อมระบบการเล่น เกมค่าย betflix789 ทำงานด้วยระบบออโต้ ได้พัฒนาอย่างต่อเนื่อง เพื่อความรวดเร็ว