Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fourteen Fabulous Free Printable Designs

As promised, here are links to some great free printable designs. We are using these as part of our Super Saturday party.  We've tried to find and offer a variety of different styles of prints to attempt to have something for everyone.  I saved these files to a jump drive and took it to my favorite local print & copy shop.  I asked them to print the files on linen card stock (for a little texture) and they look great and cost less than a dollar per print!  Please be aware, these are not my designs. I am just providing links to the sites where each print is available for free download.  The designer is listed under each design.

Be Honest- Sissy Print (low res-version is free)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Craft Party/Super Saturday Ideas- 2nd Edition

Fall is upon us, friends!  For me that  means its time to plan Super Saturday (a big craft extravaganza with the ladies from my church).  You can read more about Super Saturday and how to plan your own craft party here. The basic idea of this glue-gun fest is that the planning committee chooses several craft/decor projects, makes samples of these projects and then the party goers choose ahead of time which projects they want to make.  The party planners gather the supplies and we all get together with lots of food and friends and Mod Podge and create and craft our brains out!

I am always gathering ideas for said party.  I have a Pinterest Board devoted solely to this endeavor.  If you need some ideas or inspiration for your own craft party, feel free to peruse my Super Saturday board.

Below are the projects we are offering this year for our Super Saturday crafting party. I'll be sharing tutorials for a few of them in the coming days and weeks and links to other tutorials that we used to make our projects.  So stay tuned!

The fine print: Not all of these are my ideas or creations.  I had a team of amazing women that helped to find and create these.  Some are inspired by projects found on Pinterest.  Some of the photos are mildly atrocious because they were hurriedly snapped on my cell phone whilst my children ran a muck through the church.

Vinyl-patterned Christmas Frames

Tulle Halloween Wreaths.  I was having trouble with the image of our wreath, so I'm showing you the inspiration photo we used.  This was found on Pinterest and is the creative work of
Instant Art .  I gathered many free printable designs, found via Pinterest, and had them professionally printed on linen card-stock.  Party-goers browsed the options and just gave me their orders. These are great for those who don't love crafting and those who do. I'll share links to all of the printable ASAP. 
The Halloween Subway Art pictured below is a 
free printable from the lovely and talented ladies at eighteen twenty five

Merry Christmas Blocks

Ruffled Knit Scarves

DIY Photo Canvases

DIY Silhouettes (using photos and Photoshop- no tracing or cutting required)

Stenciled Holiday Pillow Covers

Links and tutorials coming soon- I promise!