Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Simple Organziation for Ribbon

My name is Tatum and I have a ribbon addiction.  I have more rolls of ribbon than I care to count. It is somewhat shameful because I can't imagine that I will ever use them all. Maybe you can relate?

 Lately I've been trying to organize my craft supplies.  Since the giant tangled ball of ribbon hasn't proved to be the most effective means of storage, I've been looking for other solutions.  Thanks to Pinterest, I have my bolts of ribbon hanging from dowel rods on pegboard, much like this (only not nearly so pretty)

(image via Pinterest)

I have loads of ribbon scraps that have for unexplained reasons been separated from their bolts.  I have been trying to find a simple solution for loose ribbon. While I found a few good ideas on Pinterest, they were all a bit complicated and time-consuimg. I wanted a fast and immediate solution.  I shopped my house and decided that clothespins would do the trick.

Pinch one end of the ribbon with the clothespin and wrap the ribbon around the pin and carefully tuck the remaining end in the clothespin opening.  It works best with small scraps.  If you have 3 yards of wide grosgrain it probably won't fit on a clothes pin, but this worked for my scraps. I suggest storing them in a clear container so that you can easily see what you are looking for.  Have you found any other ways to store ribbon?  Please share if you have!


  1. Good idea! I share your ribbon addiction - ribbon and tulle!! I, too, have little loose pieces. I will try this. Thanks!

  2. Hello! I use a method similar to this one: , but I don't keep my ribbons on a rod, just simply rolled up, then pulled through the holes of a plastic basket similar to the one in the picture. As mine has holes in different sizes, I can store wide and narrow ribbons as well. Works for me. No tangles.

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