Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Incorporating books in seasonal decor

I haven't pulled out the autumn/Halloween decorations yet, but I'm thinking very hard about it.  One simple and fun element I always like to include in my seasonal decor is picture books. We choose a book with a seasonal or holiday theme.  It must have great illustrations and a good story.  I display it on a table or shelf in a little vignette along with our other seasonal decor.  Of course we  pull it down from said display and read it a dozen times.  We pack the book up in the same box with the decor at the end of the season.  It makes for a fun discovery the next year.

For Fall, we display Pumpkin Soup.  It is the sweetest little story about friendship and teamwork and soup.  The illustrations are as delicious as I  imagine the pumpkin soup to be. You can flip through a few of the pages here. I picked it up at Barnes & Noble, but it is available on amazon.com  (for $6.95) and probably a dozen other places.

Do you have a favorite fall or Halloween book?

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