Monday, December 5, 2011

Little Girl Bedroom Re-design

I wish I could tell you that I've been hard at work and just finished this sweet room, but my only contribution to this  project was helping my good friend, Heather, deliberate over paint chips. I am excited that she is kind enough to allow me to post pictures of her daughter's Big Girl Bedroom re-design! With a sweet little baby arriving next month,  there is a bit of bedroom shuffling going on at her house. So she's re-designed this bedroom, and is in the process of re-designing the nursery and is in the early stages of building a brand new bedroom for her boys- how is that for nesting?! 

I don't have a before picture of the room, but it belonged to her two boys.  It was a darling room, but definitely all boy, with darker colors. She painted all of the walls and the ceiling and added trim to the window and board & batten using this tutorial from the blog, JennaSue.  The paint colors are all from Behr: Clam Chowder (Yellow), Raspberry Lemonade (Pink), and Marshmallow (White)- yes, the pregnant lady freely admits she chose all paint colors with food names ;)

Here are some of the fun details. 

The darling quilt and sham are from Company Kids.

Heather made this sweet little accent pillow with fabrics from JoAnn's.

Heather sewed a valance with polka dot green ruffles (fabric from JoAnn's)

This lamp was made by Little Miss A's daddy when he was in 6th grade shop class.  Heather spray-painted the base and covered the shade with fabric and added some fabric flower embellishments (all fabrics from JoAnn's.

Using fabric left from the other projects and a little inspiration from Pinterest, she made this fabric wreath.

The picture rod is from Rod Works.  The frames are from The Organic Bloom. It has to be said that my friend Heather is mildly obsessed with Organic Bloom frames (they pop in a few more places in this room)...this is an obsession she has passed on to me;) If perchance, the obsession has rubbed off on you too, Heather sells these frames, so contact her to purchase them!
The shelf came unfinished from Robert's and Heather sanded and painted it. The big letter "A" is a cardboard letter from JoAnn's, painted green with acrylic paint.

She added these sweet little polka dot ceramic knobs from Hobby Lobby to the shelf.

This is hands-down one of the best kid (or adult) dressers.  I think buying kids furniture is always a dilemma. You want it to look good, you want it to last, but you don't want to spend a fortune. This dresser  is part of the Birkeland collection from Ikea. The warm white color is perfect, the construction is good,  it is short enough for little people to reach, the drawers glide with ease and it has loads of room- ever since I saw this one in action, I've been trying to figure out how to fit one in my daughter's room. Heather also bought the Birkeland nightstand (that is where the cute lamp lives).

Another Organic Bloom frame- so fun!

The fun and functional storage cubes and colored bins are all from Martha Stewart's line at Home Depot.

There is one happy girl that now lives in this candy-colored bedroom.Thanks, Heather, for sharing your photos!

P.S. One more Organic Bloom frame ;)


  1. You are way too modest... you helped me a ton!! You are full of creative ideas and were so great to listen and give feedback! And those fabric flowers on the lamp?? ALL YOU! :) I love that she's got a "piece of Tatum" in there. Thank you again!

  2. Cute room and creative details! Greetings from snowy Finland.

  3. Love this room!!! So adorable!!! I'm now trying to figure out how to make our lil' girls room(now a "tween") more age appropriate...tough!!

  4. Everything in that room is beautiful, from the picture frames to the lamp and the flower cushion. Well done on creating a room that any little girl would love.

  5. It is WAY cute, even better in real life. Heather you rocked this one!