Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Learning the Alphabet

(image from The Paper Tray)

If you have small people in your house trying to learn their letters, do go to Starfall and give it a spin. All previous attempts at letter learning seemed to follow the same crash and burn pattern (blaming the teacher, not the student). Nothing I did seemed to click for my daughter. Starfall came as a recommendation from a friend who is a teacher. It's a pretty simple little site with games, information, downloads and products all dedicated to helping kids learn to read. At first the ABC games seemed too simple to be effective, but my pre-pre-schooler was digging, it so we did it just for fun. Then one day she was looking at the tag on her shirt and asked me, "Mom, what does XS mean?" I realized she was starting to learn letters?! In less than a month, and with very intermittent use of this simple little game, I am proud to say that my daughter is fluent in alphabet!

And since we're talking ABCs, check out this fun alphabet bet poster from The Paper Tray. They have many fun color combos and themes for their alphabet posters.


  1. Wow, this is PERFECT! I'm trying to do this with my son, so we'll check it out for sure! LOVE the poster, too! It's adorable! :) I just read your thing about you in your sidebar...I'm pretty convinced we're twins from another mother. I am EXACTLY the same way! Pottery Barn magazines and all!

  2. My kid is 5 and already reads at like a 2nd grade level and it was all because of starfall! It is an awesome web site