Monday, March 28, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

My fabulous blogging friend, Natalie of NatSprat presented me this prestigious award - hooray! Thanks, friend!

If one is lucky enough to win this award, one must share seven things about her or his self, so here you go.

Seven Things About Me

1) I have a crush on Nate Berkus' hair

2) My favorite color is pink- always has been, always will be

3) I worked in communication and public relations for about seven years before I landed this mommy gig.

4) I have three younger sisters and they are my closest friends. We still fight over clothes.

5) I loose my cell phone almost daily. The most interesting places I have left it include a movie theatre 60 miles from home, the bank of a fish pond, an airplane in Hawaii. Miraculously it has always been returned to me.

6) I was named after the infamous actress Tatum O'Neal but I don't think she was infamous at the time.

7) I've been decorating, creating and designing spaces since I was a kid and I learned it all from my dear mom who is as crafty, creative and hip as they come (she's way cooler than I could ever be).

I'm bestowing this award upon:

Jennifer at Vintage Gwen


  1. Hahaah! You are SOOOO welcome! :)

  2. Gasp!! Wow! Thanks so much for the award!! I'm flattered!! I will do it on Friday! Thanks again!