Monday, June 20, 2011

Dollar store milk glass

 Hello, friends! I hope your weekend was great.   I have had plans to display a collection of milk glass above my kitchen cabinets for ages, but collecting milk glass takes time, so that project is a work in progress. Meanwhile, I have seen a few projects in the blogosphere where people have simply painted regular glass vases, containers, dishes etc, with white spray paint to get the look. Brilliant! I have plans to try this too. In the meantime, these glamorous plastic items from Dollar Tree caught my eye and I decided to paint them just for the fun of it, just to see what would happen.  


I bought a serving platter and vase.  I sprayed the vase on the inside only.  I found that keeping the spray paint can a good distance from the vase, prevented drips.  Short puffs of spray paint will eventually coat the inside completely.  Whenever I got inpatient or tried to angle the can to cover a specific part, the paint dripped. Drips aside, I think the result was pretty fabulous (I also think it's time to try colored spray paint on plastic vases next).

 I did make some colossal mistakes that are equally important to share. I started with the platter and did it all wrong.  First, I grabbed my satin finish spray paint by mistake.  The finish is awful!  Milk glass is supposed to be glossy.  Use high gloss or semi-gloss spray paint. The satin white finish just seemed to mock my cheap, tawdry platter.  Next, I painted the wrong side. In my opinion, it looks more realistic if you paint only the smooth side of the object, not the intricate cut side.  This is an opinion I formed after having painted the detailed side of the platter.  Live and learn.

So short puffs of glossy paint on the smooth side of your plastic will give you a milk glass look faster than you can raid your grandmother's china cabinet!


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  1. That turned out great!! That good ole' Dollar Store!!
    By the way, featuring your party tomorrow! yay! and thanks again!

  2. Great job. I wouldn't have guessed that these the vase was plastic!

  3. They look awesome. No one would ever know the difference.

  4. Cute! Love $ store projects (so that if they fail it was only $1) :) New follower from TT & J

  5. Beautiful picture! Thank you for stopping by!

  6. GENIUS...thanks sooo much for the look!

  7. awesome! I think it's so simple and sweet:)

  8. Cool!
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  9. You are truly the smartest and most creative one! Love this.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. i saw those too! it looks great with flowers in it! No one would ever know it was a dollar!

  11. These look great!! What a thrifty decorating idea! I found you though ECE creative blog party! Following now :D
    <3 Tonya

  12. Oooo...I tried this and it turned out GREAT! Thank you for sharing your idea! I blogged about it today and the link is:

    Have a great weekend!