Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Grasshopper Cupcakes

I have a few fun and simple birthday party ideas to share with you very soon! In the mean time, here is a tip to make plain cupcakes a little more exciting.

I poured my devil's food cake batter in a cupcake tin and then added a grasshopper cookie to each baking cup and baked the cupcakes.  I crushed the remaining grasshopper cookies in a re-sealable bag, frosted the cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sprinkled crushed cookie on top.  They were a hit and a very quick to throw together.  I served them with mint chocolate chip ice cream. Three cheers for the fabulous combo of chocolate and mint!


  1. Sounds so good! I did something similar when I went to visit my husband over Christmas, but I used mint Oreos. All the Marines loved them, and I got several "I love yous" myself. :]

  2. Yep. Definitely going to have to make these!

  3. What's not to like? Chocolate, yum, mint, yum, cookies, yum, cupcakes yum... I should make these for my sister who is a chocolate and mint junkie...