Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Recipe for off white spray paint

Marshmallow, ivory, bone, vanilla, shell, milk, there are more shades of white than there are reruns of Sponge Bob on Nick Jr.  I favor a warm white, as I like to call it.  It's not as stark a pure white, it's brighter than ivory, but with less color than cream (too say that I am picky about color would be an understatement).  Unfortunately, my favorite paint medium, spray paint, is not readily available in cloud or almond any variation other than bright white or ivory.  I dream of a world where people can one day walk up to paint counter, hand over a paint sample, and say "I need Cherries in the Snow, satin-finish, in a spray paint can, and make it a double, please!" Until my dream comes true, here is my solution to achieve a warm white color with the smooth finish of spray paint.  Are you ready for an intense tutorial?


  • One can of white spray paint
  • One can of ivory spray paint
  • Something to paint

1.  Completely cover your object in white spray paint, filling in all of the nooks and crannies ( this will take a few coats).

2.  When dry, spray one light but even coat of ivory spray paint over the top.

3. That's it.
(it's hard to illustrate the color difference in a photo, but believe me fellow color snobs, there is a difference!)

I know it sounds weird to mix colors but since spray paint is such a fine mist, and the colors are so similar, it is hardly noticeable. This works best on flat surfaces like picture frames. Items with a lot of detail and nooks and crannies make it harder to coat evenly.  I have not tried this on a big object, like a piece of furniture, the difference may be too noticeable, but having used it only on frames and little knick-knacks, that hang far from a scrutinizing eye,  I've been happy with the results.

Have you ever mixed spray paint?  How did it turn out?


  1. i was just thinking the other day.... it would be a perfect world if i could get turquoise in spray paint!

  2. hey where did you get these frames?

  3. hey where did you get these frames?