Thursday, September 22, 2011

Etsy Love: Mibo

(image from Mibo on Etsy)

I was thumbing through...o.k., I was clicking through one of my favorite online magazine, Sweet Paul Magazine, when I spotted these little gems:
(image from Mibo on Etsy)

Friend, meet Mibo.  Is it love at first sight?

It was for me.  Mibo is a design studio that creates amazing paper products sold as downloads that you print and assemble yourself.  The price is right at less than six dollars per kit. Their products are all available for purchase on Etsy.  They would be great in a nursery, for a birthday party or in the classroom.  Wouldn't it be a fun holiday activity to assemble these sweet little Christmas Creatures with your little creatures?   View all of Mibo's adorable paper creations here.

(image from Mibo on Etsy)

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