Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall Bulbs = Spring Blooms

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I know it is hard to shift one's brain to thoughts of Spring flowers, but it's time to plant bulbs, friend!  Here is a little inspiration via Pinterest to get you in a Spring bulb state-of-mind.

I've been thumbing through the pages of the Breck's catalog, thanks to my good friend, Heather.  I've been coveting her tulips since Spring when they made a much more spectacular display than my Home Depot counterparts.  She generously shared her secret of Breck's and their fabulous direct-from-Holland bulbs.  They actually take reservations from their customers and select the cream of the bulb crop in Holland just as soon as they are harvested, to fill those reservations. You can order your free catalog, complete with some great coupons, here.  Most of their bulbs must be ordered by late October or early November. Check their ordering schedule here for details.

Here are few varieties that have caught my eye.

Aren't these Queensland tulips amazing?

I love the frayed look of their serrated edges. I don't know if this flower knows it, but it is right on trend ;) It would be fun to force these bulbs indoors for a party or shower.  They would make an amazing centerpiece.

The Peony-Flowering Tulip Mixture is a fresh take on Spring blooms.

My daughter, who loves tulips, is favoring these pink and pinker beauties and I can't blame her. Breck's calls them the Apple Blossom Tulip Mixture.

They would make a vibrant, cool-hued Spring garden with these blue hyacinths.

Apparently, I'm in the mood for pink, because I'm also drooling over these pink-yes, pink- daffodils.

How is a girl supposed to decide?

Do you plant Spring bulbs?  What are your favorites? Where do you like to buy them?


  1. BEAUTIFUL flowers! I've never planted a bulb in my life! You've got me all curious now...I'll have to look into it! Thanks, Tatum!

  2. Just the other day I was wondering if you had found any bulbs you liked in the catalog... glad you did! And really, mine only looked good because of dumb luck, but I'm sure having great bulbs to begin with didn't hurt! I can't wait to look out my windows next spring and see your gorgeous display of colors!