Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Are you growing wheat grass?

I'm up to my eye balls in sprouting wheat grass! Are you growing some?  I love it for Easter, but it's great any time in the Spring. I've got a new wheat grass tablescape to show you (hopefully tomorrow).  For now,  here's a sneak peak at a little Easter vignette I did.  I'm growing it on paper towels again.

 Click here to read last year's tutorial for growing wheat grass -it's easier than you think!


  1. I'd be growing it, or trying to grow it, if I could find the seed/berries to purchase! Yours looks lush!

    1. Thanks, Kate! Try shopping at a health food store for hard red wheat. Grocery stores may also carry it in the bulk grains section. Just don't buy the dry-packed wheat, I've learned from experience it won't sprout. Hope you can find some!

  2. I just got finished growing my own wheat grass. It was a great experience and now I can use my wheat grass for healthy nutritious meals.

  3. You’re planting wheat grass like a madman! Hahaha! They don't only look good at home, but is good for your body as well! Growing them is real easy! You just have to water them twice a day and they'll grow after a few days. Wheat grass is considered as a superfood, did you know that? Juice it up, drink it, and see for yourself!

    Erlinda Lilly

  4. I started growing wheatgrass last year. That’s after my best friend offered me a wheatgrass juice. At first, I didn’t like how it tastes, but after several drinks, I got used to it. I was encouraged to grow wheatgrass even more when I discovered its health benefits. Health-conscious people should really try it. :)

    Ethan Frye