Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Great Shake Out (emergency preparedness)

Today at 10: 18 a.m., the state of Utah is participating in the first state-wide earth quake drill:The Great Utah Shake Out.  California has done this sort of drill as well. It certainly has me thinking about emergency preparedness. You can go to shakeout.org for more information.

Learning that I live practically on top of the fault line that runs through the state, has made me re-evaluate how prepared my family is for an emergency. One area that I fail miserably in is having water storage for an emergency. I would venture to guess I'm not alone.  It's easy to underestimate just how much water we use and need on a daily basis for drinking, cooking and hygiene ( most sources say 1 gallon per person per day).

Whether you live in Utah or anywhere else in the world, this site has a lot of good information about getting started with an emergency plan and emergency preparedness.  You can also check out FEMA's website for information.

Do you have any tips on simple ways to prepare for emergencies?

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  1. ROCK ON...I love preparedness stuff! I just finished putting together our families bug out bags, basically just 72 hours kits in a backpack so if we need to get in the car and get the heck out or even hike somewhere for safety we can. If you want a list of what I put into ours let me know!!! And where in Utah are you!?!