Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Flip Flop Face Off (guest post)

I know I promised pictures of my wheat grass table scape, but it was a magnificent organic failure.  I was growing more mold than grass, and all efforts to salvage it failed. So I threw it out without even a photo. I am sorry, but on the bright side, I think I may have enough material for a great post on how not to grow wheat grass.

Thankfully I have an excellent guest post today from Susan who blogs at Beauty and the Beach.  She'll be discussing another Springtime favorite (with no green thumb required): flip flops.  I think you'll love it!

Flip-Flop Faceoff: Havaianas vs. iPANEMA

When it comes to summer footwear, a pair of  flip-flops is definitely the most essential style.  Even if you generally go for fancier footwear, flip-flops are a must-have for the beach, pool, running a quick errand or even a not-so-clean shower (yuck).  But before you run out and buy your new flip-flops, you should get to know two of the most popular brands: Havaianas and iPANEMA.  Read on…

The Havaianas brand was established back in 1962 and was created by Brazilian company, Alpargatas.  The first pair was inspired by a popular Japanese style of flip-flop (the Zori) and to this day, Havaianas flip-flops still feature that same textured rice pattern from the ‘60s, which can be seen in the footbed.  In addition to Japanese influences, Havaianas have always been inspired by the laidback Brazilian lifestyle and with each pair of flip-flops, the brand tries to capture its native country’s spirit.  Every year, the brand comes out with new styles, designs and patterns, featuring every color under the sun.  All Havaianas feature a firm rubber footbed that doesn’t lose its shape after just one wear.  For women, some of the most popular styles are the “Top,” “Slim” and “High Look.”  Most styles retail between $20-$30, but Havaianas makes styles for any and every budget; they even have styles embellished with diamonds and Swarovski crystals!  For all of these reasons and more, Havaianas flip-flops have become one of the most popular brands in the world.
Like Havaianas,  iPANEMA flip-flops were also born in Brazil.  The brand was named after and inspired by the Brazilian beach town of Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro.  Perhaps more than any other city, Ipanema showcases the true spirit of Brazil and iPANEMA flip-flops try to mimic that laidback beach bum state of mind.  The textured flip-flop footbed even pays homage to the famous mosaic boardwalk in Ipanema!  Unlike Havaianas, classic styles of iPANEMA flip-flops feature a softer, squishier footbed, although other styles have thinner, firmer styles.  iPANEMA flip-flops come in assorted colors and their printed styles feature unique wrapped patterns that carry over the edges.  But the best thing about iPANEMAs is that all styles are made from recycled MELFLEX material and are 100% recyclable.  Custom MELFLEX appliqués and embellishments are added to certain iPANEMA styles to lend a flirty feminine touch to an ordinary flip-flop.  The brand has already been established in fashionable cities all around the world, but they’re first starting to make their way into the states.  Most iPANEMA flip-flops retail around $18-$25, making them one affordable and fully functional flip-flop!
So now that you know a bit about the two best-selling brands of flip-flops, what’s it going to be?  Are you going to go for the tried and true Havaianas or be the girl from Ipanema with IPANEMA flip-flops?  Either way, you can’t go wrong with summer’s hottest flip-flops!

Susan is a blogger for Beauty and the Beach, a swimwear and fashion blog by InStyleSwimwear.com.  Check them out today!


  1. I'm a guy who's worn Havaiana Tops for many years, and before that, Japanese zoris.

    Recently I've noticed a definite drop in Havaianas quality control. The straps sometimes break less than a year after purchase. The footbeds sometimes come out of the box badly warped, and never flatten out. Overall, they look more roughly finished than they used to ten years ago.

    That finally forced me to switch to Ipanemas. I just ordered three pairs online. I hope they will be better in both respects.

    What has been your experience with Ipanemas? Are they more durable? I certainly hope so.

    Men's models in most brands other than Havaianas and Ipanemas look unbearably ugly.

  2. Same here i switch to ipanemas from havianas because of the low quality

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  4. Just bought a pair of each brand and definitely prefer the Ipanemas!

  5. I have been using Ipanema flipflop for 6 six years now. I have onced used Havaianas , the navy blue slim style and was disappointed because after 3 months, the strap broke. That was the time i switch to Ipanema.Ipanemas are indeed more softer than Hava..Due to its durability(Ipanema) after a very long time of using it, it would be more difficult to clean whenever it gets dirty because the dirt will definitely stain esp. on the footbed.In fact I have already thrown 2 pairs of them(both are 6yrs old) �� I now prefer to buy colored footbed�� rather than white. Last year i bought the Ipanema thong wedge in blue/red and as usual, footbed is so soft esp. the strap.

  6. I only use Ipanema coz its fit my feet so well, in fact its the only type thong i wear and its comfortable , durable and antislipery etc , i gonna use this brand thong rest of my life