Monday, April 11, 2011

Featured on U Create!!!

I am a little behind posting but am so excited to tell you that K.I.S.S. was featured on the super-cool blog, U Create this weekend!  How great is that?

If you haven't visited U Create,  do it right now.  It is an A-List blog loaded with inspiration and great ideas!  I am thinking of painting a rug with her this month.  Do I dare? Stenciling is not my strong point, but it looks so amazing.

Thanks for the feature, Kari!


  1. I started following K.I.S.S. after reading about you on UCreate. :) I swore I wouldn't take on any more blogs because I have so many to read now, but your's is too cute! I couldn't help myself. I'll just have to start getting up earlier to support my creative blog habit. ha ha!