Monday, April 18, 2011

quote of the week and font of the week

Good Monday morning, friends! Really, it's Monday already? Did you have a great weekend?  Mine was filled with almost-blooming tulips (not complaining, I'll take whatever I can get ;) and some much-needed shopping, though one could argue that shopping is always much-needed.

I am looking forward to  an action-packed week, and when I say action-packed, I mean riveting adventures like sorting through medical claims and decoding insurance benefits, scheduling a vast array of appointments and getting landscaping bids, but with a few pleasantries mixed in like last-minute Easter details, Mother's Day projects,  party planning and a girls' night out (hooray).

Are you growing wheat grass? How is it coming along?  Thank you to those who have shared their wheat grass adventures with me- it's strangely exciting, isn't it?!

I am a collector of words, particularly words written in pretty fonts.  I love a great quote, a deep thought or a verse from a favorite song- but who doesn't?  I am working on a coffee table book filled with my favorite quotes and favorite fonts, so I thought I would share today's installment that I just whipped up in Photoshop.

This quote is from U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.  The font is Carnevalee Freakshow. 

Feel free to print it if you like (for personal use only, please).


Coincidentally, I just saw the movie The Conspirator about the Lincoln assassination-wow!  See it- that is all I can say.  I am linking up to Wow Us Wednesdays at Savvy Southern Style and these awe-inspiring blogs.


  1. OMG, I love this quote!! Thanks for the free printable:)

  2. I've seen the quote with a few egg projects - so cute!
    Thanks for sharing...


  3. Love it and the ps touch! NOw...where could I put that?..

  4. Ironically, I've been spending all morning going through claims and benefits, too....why can't it be more simple (and less expensive!).....

    Love the font! :)

  5. I want to start growing my own wheat grass! I need to get on it before I run out of the powder I have now...