Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jewelry Organiztion Ideas

For every women who has spent more than 20 minutes untangling a knot of  of necklaces, or been forced to turn a lonely single earring into a broach, how about a little jewelry organization inspiration?  Today I am featuring some great bloggers with some really smart jewelry organization ideas that all have two components: simplicity and style.  I love that each project showcases the jewelry rather than hiding it.  Jewelry is pretty.  That's why be buy it.  So three cheers for putting it on display, and three more cheers for finding simple ways to do it!

I've never admired chicken wire so much as I did when I discovered this DIY jewelry holder  from Life.Love.Larson.  Hooray for old window frames!

Homemade by Jen wooed me with the pretty paper she used to line a cutlery tray to make her jewelery organizer.  You can read the tutorial here.

It helps to have a pile of pretty necklaces to adorn this sweet necklace hanger.  You can read how to make both from the lovely NatSprat.  The big white rosettes are so simple and have such impact.  The simplest ideas truly are the best.

I think you may start piercing every piece of tin in your house when you read about the Tin Pail Turned Earring Storage from Christine & Co. No metal object is safe in my house any longer.

If your favorite crafting supply is your credit card, might I suggest this sweet little birdhouse jewelry tree.

JC Penney has it in a metallic finish.

Urban Outfitters carries one in white  in a little smaller version, and for a lower price (don't try to understand it, just enjoy it).

If this little bird and it's jewelry tree came to live with me, they would likely find themselves transformed to a lovely shade of aqua or yellow compliments of a can of Krylon spray paint.

There you go, friends, a handful of jewelry organization inspiration for your weekend!


  1. Oooh, I love all those ideas! I MUST GET AN EARRING HOLDER!!!! I would do the exact same thing to the bird thing! Hahaha! Why can't we live closer to eachother to have playdates while our kids entertain eachother!?! WHYYYYY!!!!

  2. I'm loving the window frame and chicken wire. So simple! Thanks for the ideas!

  3. So many great ideas - I have got to try some! I'm just discovering your blog and I LOVE it! I'm your newest follower! : )