Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Moms By Heart

A coupon clipper and deal shopper I am not.  I aspire to be, but my approach is  a bit different at present.  I generally stumble upon a handful of coupons, tuck them in my purse, take them everywhere with me and completely and entirely forget about them until they have expired and endured so long in the bottom of my purse, they have broken down into their basic components.  The art of coordinating coupons with sales is completely beyond me.  You may as well ask me to split an atom.

Enter Moms By Heart. Have you visited this site? It is loaded with great information, but what I like best is that is so well organized, easy to read and easy to navigate. You can find exactly what you are looking for and all of the work is done for you. Lori tells you of upcoming sales and promotions, many of which I would have never known about, and she tells you where to get the corresponding coupons. She often features online deals with the coupon codes generously given to you in the post or printable coupons.  She makes saving money easy. I love her list of printable mall coupons!  I get downright giddy when I see the deals Lori finds.  In addition, she has amazing homemaking features.  I was lucky enough to be included her Summer Staycation series.  Every Thursday she features a great summer project to keep kids busy.

In short, you must visit Moms by Heart and start saving today!


  1. Oh my gosh, I totally know! I'm the exact same way. Then, I get home, clean out my purse and go, "Dannngit!" Hahahah! I'll have to check this out for sure. Thanks for sharing! :) And thanks for your sweet message! Things here are good! PHEW! :)