Saturday, July 30, 2011

Where can a girl find shoes for fat baby feet?

Image from TOMS

I need your help, friends.  My baby boy has some remarkably big, fat wide baby feet- too fat for human baby shoes, in fact.  Truly, the little Velcro straps on his baby Vans burst spontaneously when they see his feet coming.  He has very high arches that simply can't be contained in any foot containment unit. Either we can't get shoes on  (because they are usually too narrow) or we wrestle and wrangle them in place and find we can't buckle/tie/Velcro or otherwise fasten the shoes over his high arches.  Many a dream of wearing cute TOMS or little leather loafers has been dashed by his big little piggies. In addition to hampering his style, he needs some support.  He's started to walk, so we need to solve this dilemma.  He is 13 months and in a toddler size 5 or 6. Can anyone offer any tips/styles/brands for toddler shoes that accommodate the plus-sized foot?


  1. We had the same problem when my guy was that age. Thank goodness he's outgrown it! For summer, we lived in Crocs. Stride Rite has wide styles, but I never lime any that were his size :-/. I was able to find a cute pair of nice brown shoes at Payless and most of their styles come I. Wide width too. Hope this helps!

  2. I had the same problem. I ended up making a couple pair of shoes out of fabric and leather, that he wore around the house until I could find ones that fit. My sons feet are wide and really tall (if that makes sense) Even velcro and elastic were to tight. The only shoes that I found that fit him were skate shoes. They are a little more expensive but it's all that fit. I think my sons were DC. Hope that helps!

  3. My son is almost 3 and we are still dealing with this :( the only solution I have is stride rite (they have wide and extra wides)But MAN it will take a bite out your budget for sure... and the extra wides are not always the cutest things on the block either :( In the summer we sqeek by with old navy flip flops because they come up to just before his foot gets really fat ... LOL