Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reusable Zoo Pals Plates (sort of)

Sing it with me, "OINK! OINK! ZOO PALS! BUZZ! BUZZ! ZOO PALS! QUACK! QUACK! ZOO PALS....."  That darn song from the Zoo Pals commercial haunts my dreams.  My daughter has been begging for the cute little animal-shaped paper plates lately. They are fun and paper plates certainly have their purpose (I think we could make some great crafts with them). However, for regular every day use, a pack of Zoo Pals wouldn't last a day at our house. So I was delighted to find this sweet little pack of plastic animal plates from Harriet Carter. They are dishwasher safe, come in a pack of three and are a little more environmentally friendly than their paper competitors.

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  1. There is a version of them at the dollar tree too! It comes two in a pack and they are also dishwasher safe!