Monday, August 22, 2011

Cowmooflage car seat (shopping for a convertible car seat)

Isn't it remarkable how children grow, quite literally, overnight? The infant car seat that my son fit in on Friday, was too snug by Saturday.  I knew the time was coming to transition to a convertible car seat and I should have been shopping before now.

Have you heard the new recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics on car seat safety? They say children should remain rear-facing in their car seats until age two.  It's not easy, in fact, it's a total pain. Obviously though, safety is more important than convenience.  When I think of the higher risk of spinal cord injuries and other serious injuries for little ones facing forward, I can deal with rear-facing for another year.

So, we are in the market for a convertible car seat.  We are looking for one with a high weight limit so he can be in it until college for a long time, a 5-point harness,  and a convertible model than can face forward or backward in the car. My daughter has a Britax Marathon seat and I have been really happy with it.  I guess the simple thing to do would be to buy the same seat for my son.  I'm leaning toward the Cowmooflage fabric (it's too funny to pass up).

Before I  buy a seat, does anyone have any recommendations for a  convertible car seat they LOVE?  Also, where do you shop for the best price on car seats? I always love to get recommendations before buying so I would appreciate your comments!

Thanks, friend!


  1. Hahaha! Cowmiflage!?! Okay, that is just too cool! I didn't know about the new recommendations. WOW! I'm so glad we didn't get into any car wrecks or anything! :/ Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Not sure if it is too late, but Babies R Us is having a trade in deal right now. Seems like it would be a good deal. Good luck, let us know what you decide on!

  3. We LOVE the Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat. Our almost 5 year old still uses the 5 point harness with no fighting.