Monday, August 29, 2011

Simple ways to document the first day of school (it's not too late)

We have officially begun the preschool countdown today and I am making a little sign for the first day of school photo, inspired by one of my favorite Pinterest finds.

Whether the first day of school has passed or is still approaching for your kids, here are some sweet and simple inspirations to document the special day-all via Pinterest (of course).

This image has been buzzing around Pinterest for ages and I love it. It is the brilliant work of Brooke from the blog, Inchmark.  Isn't this a great idea for first day of school?

  (Image from Inchmark via Pinterest)

I love simple, eye-catching ways to document photos, and this couldn't be easier.  Type it up, print it out, stick it in their hand!  If they can write, it would be sweet in their own handwriting.

Here is another simple documenting style that could be applied to first day of school photos.

I pinned this photo that is from the blog, Mommy Creations. She also has a great tutorial for her chalkboard background. Whether your chalkboard is big or small, you could write your child's grade, teacher's name and date on the chalkboard and snap a photo.  You could even ask permission to do this on a chalk or dry-erase board at your child's school.

If the first day of school has already passed for your kids, how about adding text to the back-to-school photo you've already taken?!

I pinned this image where the photographer simply typed some stats in the background/empty space of the photo.  I love this look. This would be a great way to add first day details to photos you've already taken. You can use free programs like Picasa or Picnik to very easily add text to your photos.

One more idea I've pinned is this scrapbook layout from Write. Click. Scrapbook. It is a little comparison of the first day and last day of school.  My dear friend, Cammie, always does this with her kids (being sure to photograph them in the same location on the last day as the first day).  It such a fun comparison and great way to document the school year.

 How do you like to document the first day of school?  I'd love to know your brilliant ideas!


  1. What great ideas, I especially love the first day/last day picture!

  2. All of these are so great!!! What a brillant idea to do the first/last day!! Lil Hunkie isn't quite school age yet! So I'm glad I have the ideas!! Thanks!