Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Current Obsession: Digital Lace (great ways to use it)

(Image from Wedding Paper Divas)

Happy Saturday, friend!   Happy Sunday.  Happy...  What day is it today? This is a good illustration of what's been going on in our world. I admit I've lost track of time and haven't been creating and blogging as much as I would like lately.  Instead we have been cramming every last bit of fun we can into the final weeks of summer. Don't give up on me yet, friend.  I have many ideas up my sleeve.

I have to tell you about something I've been obsessing over lately:  digital lace, and all lace for that matter, but the digital variety is more novel. I loved the pairing of the age-old intricate look of lace with modern technology and strong blasts of color. Having the option to print lace opens up a world of creative possibilities. There are so many great projects to be made with digital lace files and your printer  ( no design software skills needed).

Here are some digital lace lovelies I've been pinning lately.

You want to play too, don't you?!  Here are links to some digital lace files that are either free or very low-cost and some great projects to go with them. Fire up the printer, ladies, and let's get crazy with digital lace!

I knew Martha would have my back with the digital lace trend.  You can peruse her lace projects here and print free lace clip art. The lace wrapping paper is beyond cool.  Martha says you can make your own digital lace by putting a piece of the real stuff on your scanner on a black background and saving the image to your computer (just as you would with a photo). Print it on office paper and you can use it for pretty, custom wrapping paper as Martha suggests. I think it would also make a great backdrop for a display table at a party or a paper table runner for a fun casual dinner party.

(image from MarthaStewart.com)

This is where it all started for me, with this pretty digital lace image I stumbled upon from martora on Etsy.   For only $2.00, martora sends you six different lace files to download- plus they are having a buy 2 get 1 free sale for Japan disaster relief.  Now, what to make with it?  It would make a great book cover.

Behold Martha's cupcake towers ( free lace clip art printed on text weight paper, cut to shape and wrapped around cake stands). I am speechless....and suddenly craving cupcakes.
(image from MarthaStewart.com)

These lace frames from Cool Scraps Digital are only $1.99 to download. They would be great simply printed on colored card stock and framed in a group for some simple, do-it-yourself wall art (the files come on a transparent background, so you are not tied to the brown).  If you want to play in Photoshop or Illustrator, these lace files could be used for framing a favorite black & white photo or a great quote or any other project your clever little brain hatches.

The gracious Graphics Fairy has some sweet little lace borders you can use for FREE.

Saving my favorite for last, have a look at this pillow!  You buy this digital lace file from Paris-based Vintage FaFa on Etsy for just $1.55 USD, download it and print it on image transfer paper and put it on just about anything, including fabric.   I didn't know I could have such strong feelings for a throw pillow.

I'm hooked- are you?

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  1. Oh, I'm hooked alright! Thanks to you! Digital lace!?! Whoo'da thunk'it?