Thursday, May 19, 2011

Discounts and giveaways from Heather Taylor Photography!

Warning: The images you are about to see will make you very baby hungry.

The wonderful and talented Heather of Heather Taylor Photography has some fun promotions going on right now.  While she works in Northern Utah, anyone can participate in her Organic Bloom frame giveaway.  

Folks, have you seen Organic Bloom frames?  When you do, you will gladly give your first born for one...but then you'll put a photo of that first born in the frame and the guilt will get to you eventually so find another form of currency, but get one of those frames!  Luckily, Heather is a supplier of Organic Bloom, so she's got you covered!

In addition to being an extremely talented photographer, Heather is AMAZING with kids.  She is so patient and sweet and possesses magical powers that make toddlers smile and babies sleep.  The girl has skills.

So check out just a few of her great photos and then read on about the discounts and giveaways!

This is her handsomest client on record...also known as my baby boy ;)
(The gray slouchy hat can be purchased here)

Let's all give a collective, "AWWWW!"  She also does families, seniors, engagement and maternity shoots....I just get all caught up in the baby photos.

So here is the skinny on the discounts and giveaways from Heather Taylor Photography:
  • 15% of your session fee for all K.I.S.S. Readers!   (Just tell her you read this blog when you book your session.  Wow, don't we all feel special?!!)
  • A Spring Special: A FREE 5x7 Organic Bloom frame or 8x10 storyboard for sessions done through June 2011 with minimum order.
  • The Organic Bloom Giveaway-  Simply Like Heather Taylor Photography on Facebook and when she reaches 100 likes, the giveaway begins on her blog.  The Organic Bloom giveaway will be very easy to enter and it's going to happen fast, she's almost at the 100 mark!

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