Friday, May 20, 2011

A Few More Shoe Party Ideas

We used paper shoes for everything for the shoe-themed party that I mentioned here and here.  The shoes also made great favors.  We filled ours with Hershey Kisses because we needed something pre-wrapped that we could quickly fill 60 shoes with. You could also fill little mini cellophane bags with any treat and tie it whit a pretty ribbon and a note, or try nail polish or lip gloss. There are a lot of possibilities to tuck in these tiny shoes. 

For another decoration at the party, I gathered up our shoe boxes, wrapped them in pretty paper and put them in stacks on the tables with paper shoes on the top (I used children's shoe boxes since the smaller sizes are less to wrap and are closer in scale to the paper shoes). I also added mini wallflowers to the toes of the paper shoes.

So there you go. 

2 packages of napkins + 1 stack of scrapbook paper  + A lot of resourcefulness= A fabulous shoe-themed party!

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